Real Wedding for two in Tuscany – Maria and Roman

Wedding in Tuscany is always picturesque and romantic. Sometimes it’s enough to find a beautiful wedding venue and you don’t need particular decorations.

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Landscapes are the main ingredient of the wedding in Tuscany: vineyards and cypress alleys, endless spaces and tender hills. All this under the Tuscan sun … You get such a specific light, you will not find it anywere else or will be able to reproduce it on the computer.

One of the cosy small hotels in Tuscany extended a warm welcome to Maria and Roman for their romantic wedding in rustic chic style. It’s one of those places where you feel at home, where lavish hospitality and nesting things immerse you in authentic Tuscan atmosphere. It’s all about Follonico 4-suite bed and breakfast.

Intimate wedding ceremony for two hearts. The sounds of guitar and violin. I have witnessed the union of this beloved couple together with the lovely family of hosts.

The wedding style was in harmony with this wedding venue in Tuscany: wedding dress with lace, wedding bouquet with peach English roses and olive branches, light white silk, books and lanterns for the symbolic wedding ceremony. When you have rich and juicy nature and interesting interior, there’s no need to add anything else.

The wedding cake highlighted the rustic wedding chic style. We just used olive branches and wooden wedding cake stand. It was such an airy cake!

After the ceremony Maria and Roman had a couple of hours for the photoshooting on site and nearby. I just share some pictures.

We managed to start the wedding dinner at sunset. It was unspeakably beautiful and incredibly delicious! Excellent Tuscan cuisine made with love by the kindest host Fabio (the vegetables are from his own organic garden), classic Italian red wine Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, candles, panoramic view … and Jacuzzi bath on the terrace! Cento per cento romance!

We also had a nice wedding ceremony  ritual – we planted an olive tree! They will have a good reason to come back here and remember their marvellous wedding in Tuscany!

Thanks a lot once again to the Ph. Alexander Pavluchenko ( for the unforgettable experience! See you soon!

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