To be or not to be the Wedding in Italy? That is the question … when the couples start planning their wedding day.  Wedding budget is the main point. It’s true that your wedding in Italy can vary from the low-budget one in a cosy farmhouse, for example, to the luxury solution in exclusive private villa or castle. But this is the beauty of our land, there are different solutions for each wedding budget! We organize only tailor made weddings. It means that we take into consideration all your requests and desires and on this basis we offer the most appropriate solutions. We don’t have limits or restrictions, the only thing that counts is how to make you happy!


Today’s post of our wedding blog is about Igor and Alexandra’s wedding in Italy. It that took place not far from Florence ( you can spot the Duomo of Santa Maria del Fiore from villa). Enjoy and get inspired!

From the very beginning we agreed with the couple that the most suitable solution for them would be a villa rental for their wedding in Italy. Without accomodation but just for the wedding reception. Done!

wedding in italywedding in italywedding in italywedding in italywedding in italy

Villa exceeded the expectations of the couple! Wedding in Italy conjures up breathtaking views, marvellous locations, excellent cuisine. Exactly like it happened to Igor and Alexandra. Have I already told you about Florence view?

wedding in italywedding in italywedding in italy tuscanywedding in italy tuscanywedding in italy tuscany

Symbolic wedding ceremony was nestled en plain air and the main wedding decor for the ceremony was the authentic Tuscan landscape! Pure and chic.

wedding in italy tuscany private villa

The wedding color palette was based on the white color, we just added a silver hues for the wedding table. The calligraphy place cards idea was the following: we used a single flower (each couple of guests had its own one) and we attached the name cards handwritten by our lovely florist.

wedding in italy place cards ideawedding in italy wedding table decoration ideaswedding in italy wedding table decoration ideas

And here arrived the moment for the wedding cake. One of the top 10 Italian pastry-shops created a cheese cake with soft meringue and raspberries. Sweet memories!

wedding in italy wedding cake meringuewedding in italy wedding cake meringue

Boston wedding photographer and my friend Alexander Pavluchenko knows how to deliver awesome images! Of course, this couple also had their photosession in Florence!

wedding in italy

It was great, thank you all for being there!

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