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What should you do first when planning your wedding in Italy? Or course, you should choose the place. Olga and Maxim wanted their wedding location to be close to the lake. So, this Wedding in Umbria took place near Lake Trasimeno where you can find different wedding locations that suit any budget and any preference.

getting ready wedding in umbriaWedding in Umbria Lake Wedding in Italywedding in italywedding shoes badgley mischka wedding in umbriabride's getting ready wedding in umbriawedding in umbria farmhouse


We really found a home away from home, it was cosy farmhouse where the couple stayed with their guests for a couple of nights.

The wedding day started with the lazy and romantic morning. Not only getting ready itself but also a pre-wedding photoshooting took place.

wedding in umbria light blue bouquetwedding in umbria wedding in umbria farmhouse with pool


After lunch we gathered all the guests because the very sweet symbolic ceremony was about to start. The ceremony was set up on the lawn in front of the main building and its natural green was a part of flower decoration.

en plain air wedding ceremony wedding in umbriasymbolic ceremony in italy wedding in umbria


For this wedding in Umbria we decided on round tables with light blue poudre tablecloth, wooden chairs and iron chandeliers for our al fresco wedding dinner. And the flower compositions seemed like watercolour drops.

Table plan wedding in UmbriaWedding table decor Wedding in UmbriaWedding table decor Wedding in Umbria

I’ll keep in my heart these two lovers, their cheerful friends (when one of them started playing guitar when the party was over, it really rocked!), their careful family, the picture of my snowy pet Morgana with incredible bride, fairytale wedding dress from the Russian stylist Alena Bezrukih and the sweetest memories of that special wedding in Umbria!


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