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If you start planning your wedding in Italy, the main point is about wedding venue. Everything starts from there. The place. The number of rooms, inside and outside space for the event, the distance from the city, possibility to entertain the guests with wine tasting, bike riding, etc. . For this couple we made “bang bang” just with the first wedding villa in Tuscany we offered!


I adore making long talks with the couple in order to understand how their dream wedding venue should be. After our Skype call with Alexander and Valeria the first location I offered them was a wedding villa in Tuscany close to Florence that revealed to be the perfect place. I tell you even more, when the guys arrived a day before wedding and they saw the wedding location they just told “wow”.

This wedding villa in Tuscany has magnificient upper terrace with breathtaking view. Please, notice the vintage cinema chairs … that view, that chairs, that lovely couple. The right ingredients for the intimate touching wedding ceremony. Specially, if the officiant is the bride’s younger sister!


It was just the beginning of June and we wanted this wedding in Tuscany to burst in colors! You know, the juicy hues that bring joy of summertime. And that tone of pink makes it royal, I swear.

The wedding table decoration was botanics oriented. The idea was to bring the variety of colours and flowers that is common for that period of the year. And talking about visual effect it was supposed to look like field flowers. For this reason we opted for the random vases and spontaneous flower arrangement without giving structural forms. Most of the vases were transparent and with the vivid greenery around the flowers seemed like colourful watercolor spots. The menu cards were made with artisanal green paper and dried flowers. White tablecloth and white chairs highlighted color abundance.


While the bride with bridesmaids were drinking bubbles and farmhouse beer (made with field flowers by Azienda Agricola Casagori specially for our event), the groom was chilling out at the pool till the last moment and was ready to go at less than 10 minutes.


Tears, laughs, pictures .. after the ceremony when all this was over everyone could start enjoying the party! Traditional Tuscan buffet, drinks, live music and stunning landscape. In this wedding villa in Tuscany everything is perfect for the great passtime!


Find the beauty in the simple things! We chose the most traditional wedding cake Millefoglie but we made it special by the couple’s effort in … composing it in front of their guests!

Sending big thanks to the couple for publishing this stunning wedding on the coolest Russian wedding blog Weddywood and to all my marvellous team that makes it great every time! And thanks to the wedding photographer Beatrice Moricci for the lovely memories and to the wedding videomakers Emotional Movie for the great highlights!

wedding in italy wedding photographer
This wedding villa in Tuscany has fantastic interiors for the Royals like family picture

( V ♡ A ) Wedding Highlights from Emotionalmovie Cinema & Wedding on Vimeo.

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