Wedding in Florence.Ph. Alexander Pavluchenko

If you want to breath a Renaissance spirit, than opt for Florence for your civil ceremony.

Now there are different places for your civil wedding ceremony in Florence: 


– Sala Rossa at Palazzo Vecchio –

wedding in florence

– Sala di Lorenzo at Palazzo Vecchio –

wedding in florence

– Salone di Cinquecento at Palazzo Vecchio –

54 metres long

wedding in florence

– Bardini Museum –

The museum is named after famous art collector of Florence, Mr. Bardini. Doors, windows and antique fragments originally belonging to ruined churches and villas adorn this magnificient building. The ceilings are the artcraft examples of Tuscan and Venetian
woodwork of 15th-17th centuries.

wedding in florence

– The Rose Garden –

The perfest solution for those dreaming about romatic civil ceremony plein air with the stunning view on Florence. April and May, when the roses bloom, is the best time for the ceremony in this picturesque garden.

wedding in florence

Florence will meet you with itw cosy streets, filled with aroma of coffee, gorgeous architecture, unforgettable views and lavish gardens.

«…I was in a sort of ecstasy, from the idea of being in Florence, close to the great men whose tombs I had seen. Absorbed in the contemplation of sublime beauty… I reached the point where one encounters celestial sensations… Everything spoke so vividly to my soul. Ah, if I could only forget. I had palpitations of the heart, what in Berlin they call ‘nerves.’ Life was drained from me. I walked with the fear of falling.». In this way Stendhal described his visit to Florence. 

After the ceremony photosession in the heart of historic center and on panoramic terrace over Florence.

The exciting atmosphere of Florence will leave in your hearts the sweetest memories!

Hall fees for the civil wedding in Florence for foreigners:

– Sala Rossa: from 2.500 to 3.000 euro depending on the day and the time of the ceremony

– Sala di Lorenzo and Bardini Museum from 3.000 to 3.500 euro depending on the day and the time of the ceremony

– The Rose Garden: rom 3.500 to 4.000 euro depending on the day and the time of the ceremony

– Salone di Cinquecento: 5.000 евро


If you’re planning your wedding in Tuscany or in Florence, you may like to know that nearby Florence  (30 min.) there are also worthy and more economic places!




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